Текст песни Bow Wow: Take Off Your Clothes

Take Off Your Clothes

[Hook: x4]

All My Niggas Say
All My ladies Say

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]

I ain't gonna front baby girl I'm quite manish
Anything you throw at me I bet that I can handle it
Bed Springs bouncing got that head board cracking
Knocking pictures off you wall guaranteed satisfaction
We can do it in the shower Bow goes for hours
Hit that spot make her scream my name louder
Heat it on up like an everlast punching bag
Got a tongue ring and she knows just what to do with that Now

Take them panties and drop them low
Hop on top like a real girls suppose to
you need some assistance girl I'll show you
Help you remove that bra off you shoulders
We can go all night do anything you like
Make you toes curl when I go downtown
That's Right!
Can't no other nigga do you quite like me
I put you down in the bedroom
Ask about me!

[Chorus: x3]

Baby Take Off Them Clothes
And show me something mama
Baby take off them clothes
And get naked mama

[Verse 2: Omarion]

We can talk about it
It's me about it
I'm gonna make you say O scream and shout it
Get down for me mami let me enjoy your body
We ain't gotta do it long go on and grab a hottie
What's up with that manausia?
What's up with that manausia?

[Verse 3: Bow Wow]

Shawty, you look better in you birthday suit
Let me show you what the boy from Ohio do
Go ahead get you girls
'cause I got my crew
Gonna be walking pigeon toed when this young man through
They call me young Ron Jermey
Baby can you handle me?
The girls never tell me no
That's how it's suppose to be
I put my Mac down any city I touch down
Like Pins in the bowline alley
Knock 'em all down


[Verse 4: Omarion]

You can put your shoes over there
Can put you purse anywhere
I don't care looking at you get naked
Good love baby we gonna make it
I wanna see what your mama gave you
Don't be afraid head and strip for me
Strip for me!

[Bow Wow x2:]
Take them panties and drop them low
Hop on top like a real girls suppose to
you need some assistance girl I'll show you
Help You remove that bra off you shoulders

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