It's so late its early
He straightens his tie
The morning news is on the TV
He rubs his weary eyes
There is so much behind these eyes
There is so much behind

He takes the same route to town
He lets his mind run around
Back about 20 years ago
He's got a brand new baby boy
I know he has got your eyes dear
But I think he's got my heart


Maybe someone should tell him
that life don't always give back
just what you put in, 'cause if it did
it seems you should be the richest man
You've given me faithfulness and you
Taught me to always be true
Well all I have to give back is to
remind you of you

He held my hand 'til it hurt him
But then it hurt to let me go
To watch and to love from a distance
it always hurts when we grow
That's what he always said
I think there is so much ahead


But in life be strong, because there are easier wrongs
And much tougher rights
Well when you needed to be gone, I felt a need to belong
And be a part of your life

So maybe life, it gives back just what you put in
And maybe I am the richest man, for just knowing you
If I could be half as faithful, and half as true
I still wouldn't come close to saying how much I love
You know I never minded them saying how much I look like
And all I have to give back to you
is to remind you of you
just a little bit of you

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