Talk To You

Its a place at the end of the road, and there is a time after every show
Where I don't want to talk to no one
Well you say, 'At least someone is loving you', I know
I just think they need a better reason though
And I don't want to talk to no one
I just wanted to talk to you
Well you search for love and you search for happiness
And you come to find, there is a difference
So you search for wisdom and you search for truth
And all you find is quiet, maybe it finds you
"Its the (sweetest) sadness not a kin to pain
And resembles sorrow only as mist resembles the rain"
Its a silence that you can almost hear
Its a love that you could almost fear, but you don't have to
You've been holding all of this in, so you start holding out
For something new, I'm sure We all figure (hope) there is something more
But if you are miserable when you find what is true
Then maybe truth, that wasn't ever what you were really looking for
May it find you though

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