Текст песни Bruce Springsteen: Arabian Night

Arabian Night

Shrieks of Sheiks as they run across the movie screen
A thousand sand-dune soldiers led by an Arabian Queen
And the harem girls move like fancy (Clancy's) dancers
In my dirty dreams
And I wake up on the floor clutching the bed-lamp
And Mama comes in, she screams
"Hey you been out with that tramp again last night
You know that silver-sequined Arab black bitch
The one that Mama don't like ?"
But Mama she sings me moontime melodies
With this great Top 40 hook
She shrugs her shoulders, she don't care
Papa just stares and says "Mary, look the girl's alright
The girl's alright"

And there's a tenseness in the air He turns and says
Don't you know, can't you feel it "Tell me son, what's the word ?"
Because there's something hanging there 'Cos you know he can't hear it
Pull back the mist and reveal it But don't go near it
And even if you fear what you near It's criticized as too absurd
Don't conceal it Even the animals fear it
'Cos if what Mama feels is too real Papa says "Fetch me my flashlight,
She just claims she don't feel it And she stumbles out the front door

So come out from behind your bunkers
'Cos the lift-off's been a bust
Oh Papa's Gone and Mama's dead
And buried in my rocket dust
You're alone now for the first time
Don't worry, 'cos that's all right
All fear will completely disappear
Come the Arabian Night

Well the soundman smiles and turns the dials
To set the meter readin' rising
He pulls the singer's voice from out of his pocket
To see if the audience likes it
Oh and in the very first row sits sweet Jenny Rue
With a bell on her shoe and she wants him to make it
He flicks

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