Everything Here Is New

the night is opaque,
spills out and it's spreading like paint
every city; 18th and k,
blue blackens the grey,
and money is safe
shell game under scaffolded shapes
ghost town ends anonymous day;

again you arrive late and all alone,
the exorcisms you once craved now
like a mechanism set in place
where will you go?
your history's erased

when everything here is new,
who will remember you?

we're drunk on the changing view
played just where we fell
i think we might die in this shell
know well that we'er shedding
new ghosts like dying skin cells

vibrating without sympathy,
resonating like an empty glass
and when we break, thse ghosts sing softly:
"you can be replaced"

when everything is new,
who will remember you?
we're drunk on the changing view
now everything here is new

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