Dirty sidewalk, wind blowin' in my hair
Your door I did knock, mom said you were not there
Expensive cell phone, I'm rackin' up my bills
You're never at home, why do I wait here still

Can't you see that you made me believe that
I could stay here forever with you
I keep on falling, wait for your calling
Do the things you knew I could do

Didn't you know, why couldn't you see
I thought you'd be waiting there for me
I wanted to run, I wanted to scream
I couldn't 'cause love made me believe

Pardon for asking, but I've just got to know
Could be the last thing I hear before I go
I took the good things, I'll take the bad things too
I stand here waiting, doing what tough girls do

Can't you see that you made me believe
That something there was still burning in you
I close my eyes and jump from the sky
And put a little of my faith in you


Could you see inside yourself
The things I saw in no one else
Put a little faith in me
Could you believe

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