Flash Back

MEMORIES on the corner of my mind,
Flash Back, that was happening all the times

Today is a new day,
so why you tryin to think about the past,
leave your memories all behind,
and let this be your last, lesson
cuz i'll be stressin,
Now put this in my name and on paper
i'm working for myself,
nobody ever gave me favors,
i got no hand out,
for real, maybe stop and learn how the world goes around
it's like a miracle,
cuz everywhere we go,
an other bad day,
but hey we got to learn to bury the pros
cuz everythings going the way you thought it would be,
another dream,
or maybe, maybe not
schlik bang*
i'd let my bitch front throught you
like your nothing
and that's why you frontin'
and thats why you'll be ATTACKED
because you're out of track,
you'd be in the studio
but i'd be sounding better
on the 4th track, recording
my rimes leaves you sorry,
you say, bring me back to earth,
are you ready for my next verse?
it's the only way to know
so i guess we gotta try,
so open up your eyes,
realise n reconize,
Word up!


3, 2 ,1
And day number 2 stops,
i got to be glad,
because i never gave up,
i kept my head and helped my way up,
yesterdays the pass,
but today would be the present,
so why you always look ahead,
the day before is already dead,
it aint coming back,
so why the fuck would i think 'bout that,
kid, ya, i give all of my words
and now you know,
i'll never PULL OFF your strength
i put up my point,
and i light ut like a joint,
light it like the sun,
plus the stars in the darkness,
it's PITCH back,
so tell me who can KICK, kick back
one shot, two shot
and the 3rd on the menu,
but is it really worth it,
for my ass, to continue,
got to say it is,
i'd be out of here,
props to my people,
and like this be no equals no SEQUALS,
only bring PREMIERES,
it's a one shot deal,
so tell me how it feels,
like a faillure,
but hey WORLD,
you're here to break the BOUNDRIES,
for the kids of HEAD COUNTIES,

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