On Tha Brink

[Hook: x3]

I'm A Very Bad Daddy I Am I Am
I'm A Nasty Piece Of Work
I'm A Terrible Villain I Am I Am
In Deep Dark Places I Lurk

[Verse 1:]
Mr. Nice Guy, It's Time To Fight Fire With Fire
Light Up The Night Sky, Fallin On My Right Mind
My Attitude Don't Get The Job Done
Instead Of Shoppin' Demo's To These Record Labels I
Shoulda Robbed Them
And Fuck Tryin Ta Meet The President Or So And So
I Stand Toe To Toe And Throw Down Blow For Blow
Ya'll People Don't Take Me Serious On Wax
Cause I'm Doin' This From Canada, The East Coast At
So I Reach Out And Smash All Ya'll Disrespectin'
Buy Myself A Weapon And Shoot Till Ya'll Learn A Lesson
Everybody Talks About It, How Hard Is It?
It's Like Everyone's A Thug Maybe I Want Apart Of It
Could You Imagine This, Class With A Whodi Wrist
Tight Grip With The Heat Packed Beside My Hip
Oh Shit, It's Just The Start Of It
There's A Lot Of Money In This World Where's My Part Of
Cause I Wont Stop Until You Give Me My Respect
Stab You In The Neck And Fill Your Body With The Check
I'm Kidnappin' Your Mom, Fuck I'll Knock Your Whole
And These Are Just A Few Things That I Could Do To You
But I've Grown Up, So I Don't Talk All That Shit
But Maybe I Woulda Blown Up If I Fronted Like I Did
Would Of Gotten That Extra Grant To Shoot Another Video
But They Give It To The Same Ol' Kid With The Same Ol'
Shitty Flow
(Oh) I Can't Believe This
I'm Tryin To Keep Myself Positive But It's Hard When I
See This
And That's Some Real Weak Shit You Build To My
Someday I Might Snap And Cause You A Little Trouble

[Hook: x2]
I'm A Very Bad Daddy I Am I Am
I'm A Nasty Piece Of Work
I'm A Terrible Villain I Am I Am
In Deep Dark Places I Lurk

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