Текст песни Diabolic: Enter The Maelstrom

Enter The Maelstrom


Pulled away from life and
Thrust into
A world without a God
No longer sheltered by
The confines of the mainstream world
Confidence wanes and is replaced with uncertainty
Surrounded by the sights, the sounds and grim foreboding creeds
Something in you urges on
Demands that you proceed
Is this what you wanted?
Or do you turn and flee?!
How and why could this
Gathering of humanity
Co-exist and thrive
Amongst the huddled sheep
The wolves are gathered here
And have no shame for their deeds
It would seem their time has come
To rule eternally!
Enter the maelstrom
You're fated for battery
Relentless pursuit of satanic reality
Caught in the vortex of
Endless brutality
Embracing the traits of life's abnormality
Spinning and whirling
Your life flies in front of you
Adrenaline pumping
Blood boiling inside of you
Eyes turning red
Seeing another view
Open the gates
This is inside of you
Feeling the power
Of united mentality
Ultimate strength
In numbers and family
Using our minds
To subvert negativity
Together as one
We grind towards infinity
Join us and increase
Your mental capacity
Diabolical visions
And dark surreality
Enhancing your spirit
And growing maturity
Open your eyes achieve your true destiny!

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