Текст песни Dizzee Rascal: Bubbles


One two, one two, one two, mike, check, check, check, yeah, one two, yeah, yeah, clear, clear, yeah

I'm a young ragga brother from the LDN, in my Nike air bubbles and they cost one ten
Got these beanies on ma lap, and they all want the length, I'm a ghetto superstar, come straight from the ends
An I walk it like I talk it, brother ain't just hype, makin' moves for the money everyday an every night
Best to believe I keep it tight, best to believe I'm movin' right, keep my business on the low, you best to believe I'm outta sight
I like money money money, girls girls, cash cash, I'll let the champagne splash
Yo, I'm not a gang banger but I'm good with a mash, make you scratch your head an wonder is he really that flash
But it really doesn't matter cos you know I keep it movin, middle of the dancefloor, lean, I'm grooving
Baby cocked her bumper out, you know I gotta wind it, when we leave the club I'm really gonna get behind it

[Chorus: x2]

Nike air bubbles on my feet, lookin fresh, got my brand new garms on, dress to impress
Got my phone line poppin, all these beanies gotta crush, keep something in my pocket case these fellas try an rush

Brown eyes, five ten, dark skin, Mr Dizzee rascal, why you even askin
Under cover lover, girls call me buff ting, but, used to keep a balaclava restin on my chin
An it's the ends here, hustle hustle, bling bing, blow it in, about to hear the fat lady sing
Don't matter what I'm sayin, it's the answer within, but, lifes a jungle, everybody wants to be the king
But it's alright though, I got my eyes on the prize, money in my draw, bigger picture in my eyes
Hands around my testicles, little finger risen, every step that I take is a step with precision
I'm precise, precisely why my future's lookin nice, the penthouse is lovely, it's a shame about the price
But you only live twice, that's on the real, no matter where I am I'll always be the real deal


Education starts with discipline, I'm listenin, but conversations kinda muffled since I got rich and tings
Double turn, indirectly spoke, I never heard a thing, under ground or overground, whats the difference I'm the king
Learnt devine right, its my heinsight I see it all, cos I aint that fake to spread my wings an fly, you're a fool
Talikn like you're mighty and you're high, but I know you're small, there's no logic in your gossip, just the writings on the wall
Over ignorant, you aint got it, you just play far, far from the realist old dog, menace, you're a mark
If you're deep, why you gotta roll fifty to the club, blood, who d'you think your foolin with that fake crew love
The streets don't cater for no long term plan, these roads don't give a damn about any man
I try an show these brothers, they refuse to understand, so I'll just keep doin what I'm doin while I can


East side crew, west side crew, north side crew, south side crew
East side crew, west side crew, north side crew, saw side crew

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