Cheap Thrill

I didn't think that there was something wrong again
now it looks like it's that time again
it's all a puzzle where one piece never seems fits
it's all a game that I just can't win
everything was fine until you changed your mind
now it looks like it's that time again
the door is open and I see your back again
you've had your fun and now you're gone
I always thought that what we had was true
now that you broke my heart guess I was wrong
and it's looking like it's that time again
now it looks like it's that time again
you're going to leave me just like every time before
all the others I understood
summer romances I knew would end
but this time I thought it would last
without a warning it's become the past
when am I going to get the last laugh?
Guess it was all a cheap thrill

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