all we really are is squirrels
we're being hunted we are squirrels
we are applealing we are squirrels

we want to gather nuts
but people splatter our guts
when they're on a country drive
it isn't easy to survive

back in the other day
i saw a squirrel get blown away
they served him on a dinner tray
they baked him into a suflay
squirrel season opens up today
if your a squirrel run away
i dont know what else i should say
please call the ASPCA

fur coats from us are made
fur is nice but i like swade
they scrape our fur off with a blade
and never bother with first aid
we squirrels mainly like to play
and we like to catch some rays
please dont kill us this we pray
we're cute and harmless anyway

squirrels we're not delicious
squirrels we are not racoons
squirrels dont live in palm trees
squirrels or in your bathroom

thats all we really are is
isnt it fine i am a squirrel
please help em save us we are
i wanna whip out my
squirrels x8

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