Текст песни Fall Of The Leafe: Enemy Simulator

Enemy Simulator

It is possible to simulate a falling
Just find a slope with a low friction surface

Add gravity and voila
Down you go, although according to the tag, death or serious injury may occur in the process
No such tags exist on the daily programme
Defence programme

Pre-emptive search for enemies
The orders are to stand still until green and remain cruel

Otherwise punishment may occur, OK

Our precious community is out there tonight to look for potential hazards
Looking out the window, it would seem that one just whizzed round the corner
Chased about the city in a nice worship ritual
Oh, sorry, must attend a TV shop ceremony
Cram more useless information into ever smaller clusters
And look, an isometric workout programme where flesh is contested by brute mechanic force
In fact, this might work for me too
Keep me in shape and in good spirits
Morale is important
I can already feel the difference
More backbone, more strength
I know what they say
Don't walk until green
Don't show weakness, which is pure evil
Otherwise, death or serious injury may occur

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