Текст песни Flesh-N-Bone: The Master

The Master

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Come now say come now challenge the master
You get caught up in disaster
Blasting them between their eyes

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

Come now say come now challenge the master
You get caught up in disaster
Blasting them between their eyes
Flesh be pulling mack hypnotized

[Verse 1]

All said and ditched with the pay dough
Po-po mo fucking mo fo-fo
And letting them fall, then leaving no thug
And let them all know that I'm not to be fucked with
So who's the one used in benzo
Who's the one accused, and another loosed ooh with
So bigger boy numb off the juice
So niggas beware Flesh is out of the doomster
I'm down and needed the test and the clown
Niggas around me they get down
Was housing the nigga just because he thought he must
make Flesh silly-ly kneel down
Now how many get them up quick with this feather harm
How many people can I hold
Mesmerized, then they kick my thighs
But it is my size, don't try
I'm the wise man, I knew who,when you at the land don't you understand
Mister mister, serving that sixth thugsta begging the nigga and the doctor
This shit you can pause if I pocket two
When I'mma playing, come and take an easy quiz
The original SCTs then they serving our enemies
So what they really wanna do
For skitting in you
When the rest of your homeboys coming to challenge the master
You gotta totally get destroyed
And then be fucked up
Preparing a luck, but still trying to gamble
All of his life when he picking that streph in
So I blew out his camp


[Verse 2]

Starving straight out of Cleveland
Receiving the seed that you bubble your swig
And then they get weak
The nigga now turning to buy you
Making you deaf like a cripple now
Come now pip out the master man ah
Then they serving you
Hitting this switch like a swisha
You don't wanna miss this section
Keepin' you open now smokers
I say focused and now nobody expects me from do-boobing this
So po stay down after mine, again I'm doing my thing
Forget it, I'm taking control hoe
Who pull the-the AK killing nigga now
But then if he wants sucking fools
Po-po swoop it to do the, shoot the AK
Kill 'em all, fuck 'em all recruit umm
In the dissing, call fifth dog
But you can call me on again, letting my sawed-off
Haul up in the killing, Flesh shake to little feel, check it
In a second, put in the wreckable time
How many times man I told you
Never come try to contend with and again
The challenge the got blown up
Guns hanging around call it a showdown now
So you looking for me, I know home now
Hear them coughing telling the bitch that they found him now
You troop when I said and I leave
When I smoke on top of my lawn
Dun dun leaving in this stocker if I pull me gun


[Verse 3]

I'm jerking crossed seas
Then come take over the border
Flesh the international player
Taking my paper chase world-wide
Get for that, choose my nigga, save it
Me now move to Los Angeles aaaaahhhhh
My jelly my bitch and they go pullin' till I dismount
So don't trip when I flip this song
Fifth dog nigga, nodding the don now
Speak sister, recover
Nevertheless you can troop dip rolling with Mo' thug
And the millennium seventh sign
Chiding Bone, don't trust me
Because they dope-farm for the land of leaves
Rebel up wasteland, wasteland none of guilt fools
Found they be live in a ditch
Flesh wants to abuse it
They die fighting for the bloody mess
Get clack-back
See not in the past to sit chief
Who's whip for you? So die fighting
I rely on you digging assassinating
Quicker be the force they be
But the brake-light to the holy fore-head
Killing, me split the scene
Then I collect my green
Heading back-back to the spot
And leaving no trailing cop
Fuck the law, they can not stop me
No so, put them off and they coughing top-drop
You all about my business
Thought they can tag for granted
Kicking my trues, creep on it come up
People take over the planet damn it


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