Into Seasons of Frost

Awaiting the dawnless realms,
but a light from the past is too bright
In clouds erased from the summer skies,
another winter awaits for me
From the ancient winters of frost,
the sunset calls my name
Leading me into seasons of front,
as the cold freezes my tears

Greetings of fear, from darkened skies,
creating fires of fear
Greeting us all from nothingness,
keeping our fires burning

I am the ancient one,
the dawn awaits for me
Leading me into seasons of frost,
creation's calling for me
I awake in the darkest time,
it calls me from my grave
Immortal ones await,
the winter from the north

As silence reaps the shadows of frost,
a path stands clear to me
Leading me - into eternal winters

What in this place of ice,
can warm my heart again?
Is this winter too cold for me?
It's drowning me again
In a palce of starts, I am king again,
I drown in this crystal lake
Oh, with a heart of ice

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