Текст песни Grey Skies Fallen: Fragments


Memories of another time,
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
Though distant, I can still hear their voices,
Begging me to avenge their pain
Silence, a welcome sound at this moment,
I'd rather be anywhere but here
The fragments of a life in upheaval,
Remained untouched for all who care to see

A painful reminder of the way things used to be
I'm drowning It's harder now than it ever was before

Where are you standing?
Yes I can see you, but I can't see your face
Who are you fooling?
You have deceived me for the last time

Looking to another time,
I stand alone on my own in the future
I've struggled to forget what befell me,
The memories will always stay with me
Tired of the endless failure,
"Suck it up and accept your fate"
You tell me, though I choose not to listen,
A stubborn fool, unwilling to be saved

Must endure another endless day,
I wither away I can't be saved
Looking past the troubles of today,
I wither away to nothingness

I'd like to start again,
With a better plan to follow
And trust in me, and only me,
I can trust no other

A new day arrives, and I embrace the sunlight
Now to sweep aside the horrors of the past
A great time to be alive, the lessons learned stay with me
So now I test myself to see if I survive

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