Текст песни Heather Alexander: Courage Knows No Bounds

Courage Knows No Bounds

Out in the wood, there?s a band of small Faeries,
if you walk unwary at night-
They?re laughing and drinking, and soon you?ll be thinking,
that you?d come to join in their light-

If they see you, you know they?ll entreat you,
to come and join in their small friendly dance-
If you do then your soul will go too,
you will loose it with no second chance-


So please come, join, dance in the circle,
The voices will make your heart yearn-
To please come, join, dance in the circle,
But know that you?ll never return-

They?ll promise you gold and silver a-plenty,
you?ll never be empty of love-
Beauty and pleasure, and time at your leisure,
all things that you?ve been dreaming of-

Success will be yours, through several doors,
what ever you wish, you will find you can do-
Beware of this prize, as a curse in disguise,
since your mortal life soon will be through-



There is a way, as some folk would say,
to save you ?til the dawn-
Denounce their kind, from your mind,
then you?ll find they are gone-

Children?s tales, pirate sails,
unicorns, dragons, sorcerers too,
They?re man conceived, make believe,
you know that they aren?t true-

And now I must tell, that I?m under their spell,
though I know not for how long I?ve been-
And I love a man, though I know that I can
never ever go see him again-

I went to the king, in his wise faerie-ring,
I asked him, "Oh what do you think I should do?"
He said, "You?ll be fine!", took a large swill of wine,
and said, "Why don?cha have him join you?"


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