Like Ya Used To

(ah-ah-ah-good song la la- la la la la)

Verse 1:
This morning when you woke up I
had breakfast cooked with everything you like
but you didnt even give the eggs a try
and you left without kissing me good-bye
used to wake up happy everyday
with the glow of love upon your face
but now that shine has gone away
Has someone else taken my place?

You need to stop stop
asking me to cook and
giving me the look that
you were turned on by me
stop stop
lookin in my face when
you would come in late
I said I know you way to good
stop stop
foolin me around boy
if you aint down
and you wanna leave
you know you could

you dont love good
baby like ya used to
hold me like ya used to
do the things you used to
you dont touch me
baby like ya used to
say the things ya used to
tell me are ya used to me
you dont love good
baby like ya used to
kiss me like ya used to
tell me what ya used to
say you dont miss me
baby like ya used to
love me like ya used to
maybe you're to used to me

Verse 2:
Yesterday I wore my favorite jeans
the ones you love to see on me
but you didnt even give a second look
guess someone else had your attention took
even did my hair in a brand new style
to see if a change would bring a smile
but I might as well have stayed the same
cause you still didnt say a thang-babe





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