Checkin' Out

Checked in early
With my Rock 'n Roll band
Out in the backstreet
Lookin' for the man
Gettin' high like
Every other time
How many more times
Can I walk that line
Showtime comes but
Y'r not around
Sent someone up
Try & get you down
Y'r all alone when you lock that door
Y'r gonna end up on the bathroom floor
Prepare to say farewell
Checkin' out in y'r last hotel
You couldn't get y'r finger
On the roomservice bell
CHECKIN' OUT in y'r last hotel
CHECKIN' OUT in y'r last / next hotel
Never had no problem
Feedin' his monkey
Keep the lookin' glass go round
He could smell a connection
For miles (score some pure white, black, or brown)
In any greasy ol town

The man killed himself consumin' some
Turkish Delight in an Amsterdam hotelroom
After 14 years of tenor sax for
Fats Domino
Talkin' bout

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