He drove a 69/396
With the black stripes on the hood
It was a rag top- big block
Tear it up monster
He pushed it as hard as he could

Past the red road blocks
And highway signs
They meant more than he would know
And when the smoke blew out
From under the hood
Into the night like a haunted soul

But the weight on his shoulder,
Was so heavy, heavy, heavy,
And all he could do, He would do
To stay above the water line


Drive it faster, harder,
Longer, farther,
Away from this godamn place
We're gonna punch a hole
Right through the blue,
And be gone without a trace
Save nothing, but the story he left behind


Bright lights flicker,
They fade out fast,
You can't chase shooting stars
Always drifting beyond you reach,
And so much farther from where they are


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