Текст песни Hot Water Music: Didn't She Know

Didn't She Know

If she only knew, how much I cared
And was aware, of all the changes
She was going through
They could've been tended to,
If only she'd given us half a chance

She's got eyes upon her everywhere she goes
She like to show her skin beneath her clothes
But one day tides and tables will have turned
Before she even sees it she'll get burned


Didn't she know that I was
Always on her side?
When times were trying, I was willing
To abide our strained relation
How many moons went by,
Without me even knowing why?
I hung around to take the pain,
And fight the aggravation

Now it's high time I got back to business
Forget about what could have been, dismiss it
But there are days when all those clouds
Come back to my head
And I have to deal with all those thoughts that I dread

[Repeat Chorus]

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