Early In The Morning

Early in the morning
Early in the morning

Early in the morning
The world is waking up
Early in the morning
Right now the going's getting tough
I can't stop from yawning
Cause I never got to bed
It's early in the morning
Tell me what I do instead
I've been out with the boys
We got together made a whole lot of noise
We messed around the whole night through
It now comes down with the morning blues

Early in the morning
The birds are still in their nests
Early in the morning
I wish I got me some rest
See the day is dawning
And I'm out on the street again
Early in the morning
Where everything looks the same
I could be your dream that's asking a lot
Had so much fun and it felt so right
We keep on moving till I don't know when
But now this daze must come to an end

Early in the morning
And my eye lids feel like lead
Early in the morning
Looks like I'm the only sleepy head
I should heed the warning
Cause I'm not a kid my mama said
Early in the morning
People stop and stare
I don't feel my hair
I'd rather disappear

Feels like it's early in the morning
Feels like it's early in the morning
Feels like it's early in the morning
Is gotta be early in the morning

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