Midnight Ringer

Uncle and me, stranger is three
These bars smell like rain
Well, you check or you bet, there's no telling yet
But I'll see you just the same

My newest friend, my lucky hand
I'll see you around

Well, it takes take to give, takes death to live
If the gospels tell it right
'Cause gleaming under the door of a heart
Spoken for is a life awaited light

My shotgun singer, my midnight ringer
I'll see you around

And 1000 sparrows came down from the blue
And landed lightly just to prove you true

Well, pour me a pour, you're a stranger no more
Now we're laughing and lying
I'll kiss you out of the truck, let's say it's for luck
And the silver wings waiting

I'll watch them rise from wheels to sky
I'll see you around

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