Five In The Morning

Five in the morning, lying in bed
Listening to the thunderstorm in her head
Looks around the room as she opens her eyes
Pictures on the mantle of a life gone by
She's been sleeping a long time

Quiet now, everyone still asleep
She can feel her heart beating, she can hear herself breathe
Her mother told her to be a dark mystery
But the darkness is out of control and she can't see
But at least she's alive

She's gonna hit the ground running from this dead end street
Saved by the power of her own two feet
Remembering a song from long ago
It's around and around, it's the way things go
The way things go
Shivers in the cold, slips on her clothes
Walks downstairs, icy wind blows
Face to face inside the front door
It's not a crime to need more
There's something I'm looking for

If you leave now you can never come back
You're throwing us away, you can't do that
I'm falling like a leaf from the family tree
I don't need you the way you need me
You need me


Five in the morning, lying in bed
Listening to the thunderstorm in her head

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