Mannequin Ball

She lived on the seventeenth floor
Above an acessory store
She'd watch the sun rise and then fall
And dress for the mannequin ball
For every night at twelve o'clock
A father would close up his shop
And visit his only true love
They'd dance all the night
And he looked to her eyes
Of porcelain ice
And told her that he had to go
Over the moon light
Where your dreams can't be sold
And you never grow old
And after her love disappeared
The mannequin waited for years
She stood by the window alone
And wished for her love to come home
And although he never returned
No matter how long that she yearned
She could still hear him whisper her name
She danced all the same
Chorus x 2
She was left all alone
Looking for love
Spent her time counting the stars
And the whole world will fall
For the manneqiun ball

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