Текст песни Mustard Plug: Away From Here

Away From Here

When I see you
and I know you don't see me
I try to imagine how it must be now
to walk this world alone
to walk this world alone
to carry on and do it on your own

With everybody working and everybody trying
with your hands in the air while their lying
everybody's doing their best and realizing
As we watch we see you falling further
the world's in custody for your murder
is there any hope for you
is there anything we can do

I look to see
Is the world's catching up to me
Would someone give me something to help me to believe
That you won't be left alone
That you won't be left alone
To carry on and do it on your own

You're making moves
You're making plans
Progress is in you hands
It's not your fault that nobody understands
the pains you feel
They are for real
they slow you down
and re-appear
just as soon as you
walk away from here

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