Текст песни Northstar: American Living

American Living

Let's sober upit's time to find that galaxy
That was created and named after me
But these rocket hips blew apart the entire
ship so if you find some pieces
just name them after me
Its on fire, it's my empire
It went up so fast I couldn't grab it
Along with medicine and magic
That keeps me breathing right on key
Broken straps strap in the captain thats
praying just for me
and this is so typical
erased by the author of me
so dance to some broken chords
with broken knees
through open doors
and save me with a microphone
give me something so i can go home

Don't you have a lesson for me?

I raced concrete to the front row seats
Threw her bows and whiskey kisses and left
her on the street with her hands out
and her head down
Shes nothing more than a movie that never panned out
Hey Mr Destinyyou forgot about me
You forgot to leave a number
You forgot to name the street
This is American living with my American dream
It thunders like a river but its cold just like a stream
And this is so typical
Erased by the author of me

And I know now
Things dont get much better than this
Life doesn't get much bigger than this

So teach me something so i can go

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