Impatiently I'm waiting for
The sun to burn
Impatiently I'm waiting
For this road to turn
Impatiently I'm looking back
And it's such a sin
That patiently I've waited so long
Stretched beyond my best intent
I had my chances came and spent
I am only here
To watch the tide begin to turn
And blame my confidants
See the stone foundations burn
To my irreverence
I am only here
For this momenttake it in
Impatiently I've overlooked and I have underfed

Impatiently I've lied awake regretting this

Impatiently I don't know where I should begin for

Patiently I've waited so long for this moment

Take it in feel the struggle feel the weight seen for what it is

There is no admissions no remorse

You know where this finished off

This is where it starts

Just take a second

Take your time with this