06) One Little Lie

I hear the lines on the telegraph
Buzzin' my head, I have to shut them out
My ears to the ground, but I try to stand up
Straighten out
Forget my doubt
"?Cause I couldn't bear to lose you
You're the only one I care for
But I can't lock out the rumors
I shut my eyes so I won't see because

One little lie can go a long way
One little lie can go a long way
Would I learn to trust again someday?

I try to ask but my tongue gets tied
When I guess the answer
If you turned your head away from me
I know I'd stand there forever
Caught out in time by a line
That I wanted you to deny
And you'd laughed and laugh "?til I cried and cried
I can't shut out the rumors
Burning inside me all the time


Every day is turning away
I feel something new
If I can't put my trust in you then
We've got nothing worth hanging on to