Everything To Me

I grew up in Sunday school, I memorized the golden rule,
and how Jesus came to set the sinner free
I know the story inside out, and I can tell you all about the path that led Him up to Calvary
But ask me why He loves me, and I don't know what to say
But I'll never be the same because He changed my life when He became


Everything to me, He's more than a story, more than words on a page, of history,
He is the air that I breath, the water I thirst for,
and the ground beneath my feet,
Oh, He's everything, everything to me

We're living in uncertain times, and more and more I find that I'm aware of just how fragile life can be
I wanna tell the world I've found, a love to turn my life around
They need to know that they can taste and see
Now everyday I'm prayin, just to give my heart away
I wanna live for Jesus, so that someone else might see that He is


And lookin back over my life at the end, I wanna meet you, sayin you've been