Far Away From Here

I'm looking for a sign
To show me how
I want to run
To cross the distance
And leave this all behind
Just lifeless moments
And all that's left are tears
But there's no motion here
To cool the sun
Locked outside

Everything is gray
Tell me is there such a place

Dreams don't die
Where hearts are never broken
Crying out for a reason why
Souls are never searching
And love is everlasting
Far away from here
A place where there are no more fears

Will you reach out to me
A world of sorrow
Pull me through
To where I'm meant to be
From dark to light

Oh, tell me, please tell me is there such a place

Oh, where there is no more gray
I want to go far away from here
I want to go far away from here

Far away, far away
I want to fly far away from here
Far away from here
Dreams will never
Dreams will never die

Souls will never ever wonder why
And we will all be standing in the light