The Globe

Break it on down
Bless you
Bless you
God bless you
Bless you

Where are you going
My beautiful friend
Is this the road that
You take 'til the end
And if we break down
Are we left behind
Is this the highway
Of all mankind

Axis spins so round and round we go
Where we're goin' no one really knows
Here we here we here we here we go
Feel the fire
Way down below

Come on dim the lights
(It's party time)
Switch on the strobe
(Do what you like)
Gonna have a ball tonight
(Let's have a ball)
Down at the Globe

Come on Dim the light
Switch on the Strobe
Gonna have a ball tonight
Down at the Globe

Get up and clean your teeth and have a shave
It's 1 A M let's go out to a rave
One more wind and before we hit that grave
It's harder than a microwave wave


Where is the failure
Not in this land
But still you try to
Get what you can
You know that it's bad but
If you insist
Here's one more chance now
That you just missed

Chorus (x3)