I Am / Shades Of Life

I am black
I am white
I am all skins inbetween
I am young
I am old
I am a change that has been
I am scrawny
I am wellfit
I am starving for attention
I am famous
I am criptic
I am hardly worth a mention

I am short
I am height
I am any frame or statue
I am smart
I am challenged
I am striving for a future


The color of the sky is blues and greys
The color of the earth is greens and browns
The color of hope is rainbows and purple
And the color of peace is people together

(Shades of life)
People together
(Shades of life)
(I am)

I am able
I am weak
I am some strength
I am none
I am deep
I am thought
I am often said than done
I am born
I am died
I am dust of humble roots
I embraced
I have pain
I am able of real fruits (??)
I am slain
I am free
I am bonded to my life
I am rich
I am poor
I have wealth of real strive


I am shallow
I am glory
I am hiding from my shame
I am here while I lose
While I'm yearning for a name
I am empty
I am proud
I am seeking my tomorrow
I am growing
I am fading
I will hope I make this sorrow

(boy speaking)

I am certain
I am doubtful
I am desperate for solution
I am leaving (?)
I am student
I am fate, and evolution

(Billy, singing)

I am spirit I am voice
I am memory not recalled
I am chance I am cause
I have never thought and walked
I am him
I am heard
I have reason without right
I am past I am hearing
I am present at all times
I am many
I am no one
I am season by each being
I am me
I am you
I am all sorts now degreeing


People together
(I am)
(Shades of life)