Bas In Eireann

I stole some butter to put on my bread
A crime against God, king and parliament
No fancy lawyer to defend my case
So I was sentenced at the Mayo Assizes

Seven long years transportation
To Botany Bay in Australia
Is this the justice whereof you speak
Ten crucifying years ahead of me

And all that I asked for, all that I need
Is to live my life in my own country
All that I wanted or dear to me
Is bas in Erin, a chiusla geal mo chroí

I hid my brother to protect his life
He shot a man for collecting tithes
To support the rites of the English Church
A faith that meant not a damn to us

They hung my brother in Wexford town
And when they cut his body down
The hangman turned and called my way
You'll long for me in Australia

I should have known what would become of me
The future's always been there for all the world to see
The black death is approaching
I can see it on the way
Oh, I'm better off in hell or Australia