Respiration (Remix)

(Talib Kweli)
We lyrically rich, listed, spiritually fit
Eating healthy, coming clean never filthy
In God's eyes I'm wealthy
Felt the power as I entered the palace of 7 lights
Time traveled with dissipating on battles my brethren fight
For birth rights they already got, and shouldn't have to get
Break down the steady plot that's accurate
Bust the shots that's immaculate
Take it to your nugget cause my beloveds covet they freedom
Believe it put nothing above it loving to leave it
We blessed with free will so we choose to be ill
Like sharks keep it grooving we could never be still
Swimming in the channel of life
The orators of rhymes handling mics
Tiptoeing through the corridors of your mind with candlelights
Everlasting in your hood like liquor stores and check cash
Flashing passes for classes of the third past then blast it
Makaveli 4, I'm betting on brothers who have nothing to live for
To give more to the struggle, they already at war
So much on my mind I just can't recline
Blastin holes til the night bled sunshine
Breathe in, Breathe out
Heard the bass ride out like an ancient mating call
I can't take it, I can feel the city breathing
(Mos Def)
I push my pen and wrote this scribe
Like the morning wouldn't find me alive
I'm surrounded on all sides
By the kind in the pool, wise men and the fool
Young guns in tennis school get no glasses and glue
Get yours, get it right
Get down, get paid, get ass, get around
Get on, get fly, get jig and get high
Live to get and you'll only end up getting by
When the nighttime covers the city like a coat
I approach and assemble my host
Enter nosed? caught asleep in the city that don't
Cause I won't that you rest