Over Prudence Hall we fall Unassuming, quiet all
Peaceful town square We float in on streams of air
(if you take note don't stop and stare)
White steepled church we perch upon
the fenceposts, trees, poles wirelines
We stay up high
Birds eye View
Silly Humans, why burn your bridges down?
Should you go with the flow? (Drip dry)
Quick, kick your feet around
Should you never condone flash flood for medicine?
Live where you don't belong
Just Cause Don't judge your weatherman
Every year convention here One by one we come

Survey the quality of your damage done
Bluejayjackdawloggerheadkingbirdwhipporwillblackbirdblack bill ed

FLOODS come from RAIN falls from the SKY drinks back the FLOOD
It cycles like the leaves (and so do we)
Silly Humans
Concientious Objectors (but we have no conscience and we won't object'cause we're as right as rain)
We know it's only human nature is not kind
Even birds must take their bath sometimes
(too much oil on the wings is a dangerous thing)
We're your bitter partisan Familiar, welcome enemy
Devoted couriers Cleanse and drain Binge and purge