Death Song

You call us barbarians Eh
It is an honorable name
We mean to cancel the world you civilized people made
We will simply erase history from the time that machinary and weapons threatened more than they offered
And when you die the last living reminder of hell will be gone

-Something at the beginning from Omega Man or some other post-apocalyptic movie with anti-technology zombies

Everyday it comes my way in different shapes & forms
Greed, hate & jealousy, the faces it adorns
And though I walk the valley in the shadow of my deeds,
consider this, it's always there; the ends to meet the needs

I give you money, you give me death
You think it's funny, I gasp for breath

Tompkins Square is everywhere, it's written on the walls
they'll suffocate yer real estate and grab you by yer balls
my life is such a living hell, a squatted rotted empty shell
no mistakes to learn

Watch a cop for us today, an opiate, a new decay,
your breathing stops this dying day
The bigtime, it killed Crusty Dave
We're all alone, we miss his heat,
and now I feel so incomplete
The death he tasted was so sweet,
from womb to tomb, the rotting meat!