You Ought to Die

You ought to die,
and the reasons why:
One thousand starving nations from US intervention,
and your pathetic lies
When I was 16 years older,
Your greed woke me up and your mind made me sober
You hide behind religion,
but your morality is based on money and division

You are the governing power
Your ethics get weaker as you grow stronger by the hour
You are so fucked and greedy,
you make your money by exploiting and/or killing off the needy
One thousand starving nations yield to your destruction,
and we don't know cause you have media control
We are a mindless mass, can't think for ourselves
but when we do, your heads are gonna roll (around)

When I was 14 years made,
the lies I believed about this country's foreign aid;
I was an ignorant youth,
but it didn't take long for me to figure out the truth
18 years and 8 months in October,
I often try to numb myself but you still keep me sober
You build an army base, your foreign aids a roust,
you say you're sending food, as it rots in a warehouse