Injured In The Game Of Love

All right yeah!

Did you ever come up lame
When you played the game of love
My baby she likes to hurt me

It's worse than broken bones
Worse than open wounds
My baby she likes playing dirty

She kicked me when I was down
Now I can't get up
Looks like I'm gonna need a stretcher again boys


Cause she broke my heart
She bust my soul
I've been injured in the game of love
But I like girls and rock n' roll
I've been injured in the game of love

I know you put your guard down
Before the gun sounds
C'mon babe I wanna score tonight
Because the game was fun
Now it's 4th and 1
C'mon baby don't say no tonight
Cause when the night is through
I am still be wanting you
And I gotta walk all the way home tonight