Roots and Wings

Writers: Skip Ewing/Bill Anderson

A Mamma watched her baby fall and bump his head
Taking baby steps across the floor
She could have tired to catch him but a voice inside her said
In the long run that will only hurt him more
But she picked me up and told me that she loved me
And she held me and she made me feel secure
And I grew to understand what real love means
And what it takes for two hearts to endure

Roots and wings
To my ship you are the lighthouse on the shore
And I'm a kite on your string
Your love is my anchor in the storm
And a part of me stays grounded
So the rest of me can fly
Only 'cause you are
My roots and wings

A Daddy kissed his baby and then he fixed her veil
Took her arm and walked down the aisle
When the preacher asked him who gives this child away
He said "me" and did his best to smile
Now you call him every weekend and you tell him
That you love him and you're thankful as can be
That his firm hand and his soft heart were a blessing
And the reason you can give the gift to me (of)


Some say love's a circle
Some say love's a light
Some say love's a river
I don't know who's right
But this I know for certain
This I know for truth
The secret to forever
For me and you is


I'm lucky that you are my roots and wings