The Dancer / Under a Summer Sky

The Dancer

"And then, with a glistening beam of vivid light spring
was gone and summer drew near, pervading our minds
and our eyes were blinded with delight
For a short moment we joined in the dance of life and
time disappeared, leaving us behind in our embrace"


The air - massive like lead
Too sultry to give, to give a sigh
Sheer unbearable she lies on me
Your love to me feels so dry

To beat - unable to move
Every attempt just a rude glide
The sweat runs on bare skin
Comes and goes like your love shine

Under a summer sky of love
I see your soul above
Under a summer sky of love
Your name in my heart I'll carve

No sleep - a total repose
The warmness pervades my blood
No wind that breathes life
A existence without you would be like being blind

You're gone - like the summer will leave
One day it will be over
The time slings yet slowly
Like your love from my shoulder