If only you,
Would love me,
Bells, would ring,
And voices silent,
For a thousand years,
Suddenly, could sing

And the heart,
Of a bandit,
Would surely vanish,
Without a clue

And the world,
Would go on turning,
My darling,
If only you

If only you,
Would notice,
The grass,
Would grow again
And all the leaves,
That have fallen,
Would blow away,
In the wind

And the sun,
Would shine forever,
All the flowers,
Would blossom,
And bloom

And then I,
Could face the morn
My darling,
If only you

If the war,
We've been living,
Would cease to be,
Let us live again,
If the chains,
That have held us,
Would break away,
And set us free

Then my heart,
Like an eagle,
Would fly away,
Into the blue
Close the book,
Quietly dissapear

My darling,
If only you