Paper Plate

You ever seen someone who roll with Mayweather, rhyme like Ricky Hatton
And smash whatever you throw, a thousand is what I'm batting
Got a few hooks with no jabs
Took 'em out ya corndog books and notepads
I get it, you got rich robbing those in the industry
Bite off this one, steal from your enemy
Never try to play the hottest one out ya camp
He might step off and take half the joules from ya amp
Enough to make ya Vogue on that cover of GQ
Only missing the sheer blouse, homey, you see-through
Stop sipping on that Formula 50
They want heat? I give it to 'em, burnt and crispy
Rhymes too short to box with God, so stretch it
Especially these over-rated raps, step to fetch it
I told you if I rain, there'll be an eternal drizzle
Woodwork strips being chipped from sharp chizzles
One verse shatter your spine and crush your spirit
No matter what, you still 'window shop' for lyrics
If you was a 'pimp', put tricks on the stroll
And if those were 'soldiers', give 'em bigger guns to hold
Who shot ya? You don't have enough on your roster
You move like a fed, but you talk like a mobster
That 'yayo' you slinging, please abort it
Too many cuts on it, cokeheads they won't snort it
I spray the Flea Unit with pesticides, and you can get
Your best ghost writers, get 'em all to testify
Have you ever been stung by a thousand hornets
Five hundred Killa Beez, buzzing and really on it
Whipped with "Cuban Linx", and cut with "Liquid Swords"
Choked by "Ironmen" til we crush your vocal chords
You ain't nothing but a pig in the blanket
Hog head, the deadliest food at the banquet
All this rap crap that's trapped in your colon
Only means, get rid of the wack shit you holding
Sweet tooth dudes stay out the 'candy shop'
You ain't got to handcuff 'em to see the panties drop
A few cats is looking for a rat with cheese
Got something to pitch, they all swing a bat with ease
Get your ankles broke, while doing your two-step
Leave a thank you note, for the crutches the Wu left
ProActive rap, you know they put drug in the CREAM
You hallucinate and see Kanye in your dream
And yo, I don't smoke dust, I dust off Smokey and the Bandits
With the brush stroke off the canvas
I walk on your gators and lizards, raise the lynx
That was killed for your minks, you be rocking in blizzards
Wanna be cop, til you walk to D-Block
And get entranced for us, spread your wings like peacocks
I was an MC, when you was in Nutville
On a world tour, you was getting your guts filled
Ten years MC'ing, but I flow like I'm twenty-one
Straight from Medina, with the mass of many suns
The supernova, give off gamma ray bursts
And I'll finish this, only cuz I let off first, what's up?