Carlotta Valdez

jimmy stewart follows kim to where your portrait hangs on a wall
such a haunting vision he forgets his partner's fall
jump into the san francisco bay
i'll follow you in
i know you can't swim
when you've been dead 100 years, carlotta
Carlotta Valdez, i will make you her
everything's subjective, nothing lasts for johnny o

kiss kim novak where the redwoods grow
i'll bleach her hair and pretend she didn't die
go up the mission stair
i'll follow anywhere?that is, until you climb too high
cause i get vertigo
carlotta valdez, i will make you her
what a thing to be the center of attention all the time

he isn't really falling for this, is he?
he's getting dizzy
and so am I
carlotta valdez carlotta valdez carlotta valdez