A Devouring Rose

I can feel
But the door is locked
I wear my beauty
In the mirror it's mocked
It's rotting and dying
A rose is devouring my brains,
It's starving
Why not appease its hunger?
It's get a good taste
I don't need any drugs,
My madness - the only drug of mind
Something that has come out
of the World's control,
Something God has invented
to have a good fun
or to run an experiment?
or to enjoy a new pun?
Dying of despair
Dying of nothing
Nobody cares
Dying for nothing
For nothing can happen,
Nothing can help
Still I'm falling mad
Sliding to Hell
Anybody! Save me!
No answer
Nothing to say
Bottomless abyss of oblivion
before me
Is ready to absor
the next senseless prey