Hold On

Verse 1:
I'm so smothered, there's no other
It's too hard to find any laughter
Can you hear me; you're so deceiving
After I know you, I stop believing

Chorus 1:
You lock me up inside this cage
Don't let me out for endless days
Your silence, you ignore me
You ignore me way too much

Verse 2:
It's your violence, it just revives me
You try to harm me, but do nothing
I'm protected, but defenseless
All this pain now, it's relentless

Chorus 2:
I lie here locked inside this cage
Begin to bottle up this rage
Your silence, you neglect me
I don't reflect you, there's no cure

Your insults & neglectance
Make me feel like I'm just so worthless
There's no reason for this torture
I'm going to EXPLODE!!!

Chorus 3:
You've kept me in this hole for years
Extinguishing my sense of fear
Your violence gets us nowhere
Gets us nowhere way too fast