Empty Barrell

Yo yo, as mi look inna yuh face mi see di fassy in di place
As quickly as they come even quicker dem get erased
Talk about beef but dem nah go get a taste
Dem better realize before dem jump inna di race
Yo! When a man a big man mi nuh have time fi chase
Mi have time fi woman mi nuh have time fi waste
Big talk fah dem bredrin zip face to face
Dem nuh waan nobody deal wid dem case

[Chorus: Blessed] (Kardinal Offishall)

Empty barrell mek di most noise
Dem wise inna dem own eyes yo (Yuh dun know!)
Nuff a devil widout dem disguise
Who nah tell people dem dispise you (A dat mi a seh)
Badmind don't wanna see we rise
Dem wipin up and livin out dem bredrin advice (Cho!)
Dem a devil widout di disguise who nah tell people dem dispise

[Verse 2: Kardinal Offishall]
Di likkle fool a gwaan like Saddam caan talk wid nuh repercussion
Dun di place dem change dem face and deal wid nuh discussion
Man a nuh big man, when a dig man gal we a defend
If yuh nuh love di gal dem then yuh have a problem
Because yuh know mi name dat nuh mean seh mi and yuh a friend
Woman we a look b