Notice Me

We've reached the greastest hurdle
We've climbed the tallest mountain
We've swam the deepest oceans
And we've touched the face of mother nature

But through all of that
Did you ever take the time
To look at me
and see me for who i am

Notice me take my hand
Tell that you love me always
Notice me take my hand
and tell me that im the only one
cause these are all things
that i need to hear
so i know that you love me

I asked you if you loved me
you turned around and walked away
i followed you and kissed your lips
and you just pushed me away
but when you feel lonely
you except me to be there for you
but no more until you


Now don't get me wrong i love you
with all my heart and soul
and i will die for you
and live for you
all im askin for you to

Chorus x2