Burnt Pride

LYRICS BORN: Cheyenne! Look at what the liquor brings about / Throw out
the magic basket full of wires and let them flail all on the ground/ Why
do they love it so?/Hatched seeds of light supported by light seaward
breezes / And we see these orbs in a car chase of sorts / Absorbs sweet
Lorraine and her dolly on the front porch and it escorts them into/ Deep
dark space around Taurus / And the Mormons can't explain the stars
reflectin' in her corneas / It makes they hearts beat hard against they
corsets which / Bops they lockets up against they foreheads, and--/ Who was
it that sent this little girl's mind up into orbit? / She had to forfeit
little dolly while in space so that she could touch the stars like torches
/ Privately, we recorded her, / Intimately, yes! We courted her with-- /
"Miss Cinnamon Tea, please rest your itty bitty palms in my--/
Incandescently glowing hands and infinitely, / We will explore your
inquisitive tendencies; / The intrinsic and the explicit, / We won't
inhibit any of your inquiry, / But first the fire must be met then quenched
by you candidly and randomly venting any / Thoughts, memories, anything! /
It's time for you to start channeling what you've been gathering!" / So we
left gravity, / Instantly engulfing Lorraine in a shimmering cavity then, /
Flattening like an elasticine band that stretches and contorts, / And then
I'd widen like the space highway spiraling sideways, contract and dilate,/
Then straighten up at 100 mph then fall on myself in layers like a
thickened band of taffy, / Assuming every length and shape imaginable, /
Then I catapulted Lorraine and her stuffed animal into still deeper space,
/ But fathoming what I had actually done and her pace increasing rapidly, /
I shot out like a javelin after her screams, / First matching her speed,
then surpassing her, hearing her laughter as I passed her, / But the web I
spun had not strengthened yet, / And the momentum sent them stretching
through my intentions,
And I popped! / Dolly lost / And Lorraine /
Plopped back down into her bedroom, / And coughed/

LATEEF: Born / the correlation / relation shapin' / the forms / are takin'
their stations
warned / we're warmed / the verbal intercourse / and mind fornication / is
on, whine, design is tight, / corn burn more than blunts / or oil at
midnight / the clock turns, as it often does / fight it with all ya might
scrub / ya learn more if ya listen / timing is more than tic-toc-tickin' /
rippin's a mission so come equipped / but not with remote clickin's or
clips / in the nine / ya mind / is fine / with me / brother / ya chickens,
you caint rhyme / and punks react violently / but bad men respond silently
/ later hearing your gone, and the facts while sipping on cognac quitely /
privately / commenting on society / modestly, / honestly, / asking why
fools even try it / when they're undeniably / and obviously, / undoubtedly,
/ decidedly, / wack / I strech out and expand / in 3-D like / galaxies
establishing terrestrial contact, like / roll up the windows, crank the
heat, relax recline the seat, / and thank Lateef, / take two and pass, /
give it a little gas and ask / "What's the riddle mean?" / Fantastic / G
E=MC2 don't be sarcastic, my mind moves at the speed of light when blasted
/ synchopated audiosyncratic madness / concentrated / focused / on the
rabbit / like I'm rabid, gigantic, teething wolverine / armed with claws
that bring murderous tragedies / to even human beings burdened with
feelings of sadness / ludicrous thang is I'm glad to be the baddest /
sittin' fattest after I'm finished lunchin', munchin' em / before that /
I'm slashin', attackin with rippin' action / in sound clashes / bastard I'm
the fastest / quick draw / like: western classics / BIG JAW, voice cuts
like a saw / sprinkling you like Magic / as the cataclysm hits / like SMACK
/ vocabic havoc cracks / your sternum, spine, and scapula / spectacularly /
propelling you backwards over the edge / of the track

LYRICS BORN: Now that we have made our way away from the sky apple, / You
will notice from your new knowledge experience, / That the distance from
the crust to the mantle to the core, / Is much greater than previous
measurements, / And as lyricists in this time period we experiment with a
myriad of new findings, / Different from the supposed truths, / The ample
evidence we presented, / It complemented our argument that "everything is
impermanent" / Not static or at settled standstill as the opposite element
has suggested is legitimate, / And finally, as a reminder, / The precious
metals and ores mined for early in the earth's surface sediment, /Cannot
compare to the infinite introspective splendor, / Represented by the
treasures indicative of our entrance into the earth's center, / Incentive
isn't it? LATEEF: yes, yes, yes, YES, well, yes, yes, yes, / You're dealing
with lyricists that's fresh, fresh, fresh, / You wan test surely ya jest,
look, lets just get / one thing correct before ya step focus on breath,
breath, breath, / one rep, / breath, breath, breath, / select yet another
set of styles? Yup, yup, yep, / each one as hard as erections I got to
flex, flex, flex, / for project protection I'm collecting text, techs, tex,
/ while you're caught up, / thinking rap is just sex, sex, sex, / and more
flesh, flesh, flesh, / robbing your soul of its precious sensuousness /
most of these rappers are talking shit out of the side of they neck / what
the heck? / It's more and more suckas gettin' signed for less, less, less,
and less / and lesson 1: if aiming to impress, press, press, / you gotta do
it yourself / quiet as kept, kept, kept, / if my work is respected I
collect checks, checks, checks, / they cain't all bounce and if they do I
got an ounce at the rest / so I aint stressin' off that bullshit / LYRICS
B: 'Cuz I've walked on water weapons baby haven't you heard? / I've
authored songs on different planes and left the boundaries blurred, / And
I taught Neanderthal to use the rotary phone, / I kicked the devil in his
neck without my rosary on LATEEF: and I checked out the vampire's nest /
sans garlic, dissed his harlots, then without the crucifix / plunged the
wooden stake deep inside his chest / Pinned him! / thrashing around in the
bottom of his sarcophagus / writhing around / till the only thing left, /
were little scraps of nothingness / those scattered all about infinity LB:
All different shapes and sizes going wherever / LATEEF: But all of one
entity / LYRICS BORN: That I had brought together for my pleasure / Watch
this now, /

LATEEF: As you sit there pensively, tentatively fidgeting with creation /
but you fuck 'round with this and you'll get aten
LYRICS BORN; Your last dinner in my chamber where I tempered weapons
rendered from a rusty Ford fender, /

LYRICS BORN You get your steak and eggs, / Your Caesar vinaigrette, /
Savor your cigarette, / 'Cuz I'ma tape your lips, / Become my marionette,
/ You curtsy, pirouette, / And when my blade caresses, / I scrape my
bayonet, / You lose your favorite legs, / I love that fragrance, / Playful
Pet! Yes I'm the patron saint of Dangerous, / You slaying La-Tyrx? / You're
driving majorettes, / Over some acreage

LATEEF: You gettin laid to rest / ain't slayin' Latyrx / you gettin laid to
rest / over the Sunset's edge