North Star

Intro: raekwon, talking to poppa wu
Ol dirty bastard singing in the background
You know god, i just been, youknowhati'msayin?
Doin my regular thing man
So i'ma get back up with you though baby
Knowhati'msayin? you know you my nigga kid
I'ma always come through for you baby
Yo man, you gotta understand, this shit is real though man
All the time, word
Yo man, that's you man
Yo peace rae, peace god!
(we've got the powers to resurrect the dead)
Whassup baby? god damn, look at you man
Damn god, i got a shit out you man
Man, i done watched you man, since you was a little crumbsnatcher
A little weed-hopper running around here man
Look at you baby, you look good
(we've got the powers to resurrect the dead)
Understand, i watched you go through a lot of trials and tribulations
But you know something, like i used to always tell you baby
A good listener's a good learner
(g-o-d's my reality)
I see you listened very well, understand?
(i'm elevating strong and i'm gonna go on to the highest degree)
Your time is coming baby
See sometime, it could be like, a rear view
Youknowhati'msayin? and people don't know when their blessing comes
But i watch you grow, man you is a very intelligent man
Man, i watched you when i used to sit down and you would
Trick me out my money shootin dice, niggaz is you crazy?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
(g-o-d's my reality)
Crazy you crazy man
Yo rae, you remember that shit man?
When we used to be down there in the hills and shit man?
(i'm elevating strong i'm gonna go on to the highest degree)
And you'd catch it, from old man freed
He'd be yelling "you little slick ass"
Ha ha ha ha
Talk to me baby, knowhati'msayin?
Ha h